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Retail / POS

Digital screens can also be used to create the ‘mood’, centric to your brand identity using related video.

Digital Signage Solutions Including Retail Digital Signage

It provides the opportunity to target promotions directly to the customer or to clearly communicate the unique selling features of your product by using dynamic presentations in a way that cannot be achieved with static printed media.

Digital signage allows for targeted promotions to be changed more easily and frequently than with printed media and at a much lower total cost.

Digital screens can also be used to create the ‘mood’, centric to your brand identity using related video.

Our displays are ideal for integrating into point of purchase displays, shelf mounting with the product, wall mounting or displaying on a counter using our Desk Top Stand. Their portability makes them perfect for use at exhibitions for driving Brand marketing.

Our displays support premium brands in High Street Stores, Supermarkets, Airport Terminals, Showrooms and Garden Centres across the UK.


In manufacturing environments, LCD Displays are used as an electronic notice board to communicate important information to visitors and employees. The dynamic presentations are far more eye catching than printed paper, so ideal for presenting Health & Safety data or production targets to fully engage employees.

An example Corporate digital display

In Foyer Reception areas displays are used to welcome important clients and visitors in a professional manner with the added advantage of being able to showcase your company products and services.

Chartered accountants and Business Professionals use Digital Signage as a preferred method to present details of their registered clients in accordance with regulation, while again promoting their products and services in the waiting area.

Estate Agents benefit from the ability to display far more detailed information on the properties in their portfolio, while the bright dynamic displays attract more attention.

In Boardrooms, training and meeting rooms, digital screens are replacing traditional projectors and screens.

In manufacturing environments, LCD Displays are used as an electronic notice board to communicate important information to visitors and employees. The dynamic presentations are far more eye catching than printed paper, so ideal for presenting Health & Safety data or production targets to fully engage employees.


We are seeing an increase in the use of our products by care providers, in Doctors surgeries, Veterinary Clinics, Care Homes and with Child Care providers.

Each of these areas has its own specific use for digital signage, but all have a common goal to communicate in a clear, professional and consistent manner to their stakeholders.

An example Healthcare digital display

Healthcare waiting rooms are invariably congested with posters communicating a mass of information. Digital signage is the ideal medium to attract attention, engage and communicate your key messages to your customers.

Doctors Surgeries can promote seasonal services such Flu vaccinations, advice on travel and holiday health, clinical services run by the Practice Nurse and patient participation groups.

Veterinary Clinics can raise awareness of vaccination programs, preventative treatments, micro chipping services and pet passports.

Dental Surgeries can showcase the full range of services on offer and advertise Dental Plans.

Care Home providers promote the additional services offered, and communicate the wide range of activities available, and Childcare Nurseries promote their own discount schemes and activity diaries.


There are many uses for Digital Signage within Hotel and Conference Centre environments.

Initially at the first point of contact in the reception lobby to offer guests a warm and friendly welcome, and to communicate to them in a consistent, effective and professional manner.

An example Hospitality digital display

Inform guests about the full range of services and facilities on offer, advertise promotions for your bars and restaurants or direct customers to your pool, health centre or spa.

Promote loyalty schemes to maximize customer retention and build upon your brand strengths.

Promote facilities as the ideal venue for weddings, conferences and private and corporate functions to maximize the use of your own resources.

Create additional revenue streams by offering advertising space for local businesses and attractions.

Use within a Conference environment to direct delegates to their venue and communicate the day’s agenda for breaks and lunch.

Leisure & Tourism

Leisure and Tourism covers a wide range of opportunities to benefit from using Digital Signage.

Vued has Digital Signage solutions deployed in a variety of locations such as Museums, Galleries, Restaurants, Sports and Social Clubs and Tourist Information Centres.

Museums & Galleries

An example museum digital display

Digital screens are ideal for showcasing and directing people to the latest events and for promoting forthcoming shows and attractions.

Dynamic displays provide an opportunity to supply more detailed information about the events helping to attract a wider audience.

Touch Screen Displays can be used to make for a truly interactive experience in presenting detailed information by slide or video.

Digital signage presentations can be easily updated as frequently as required for new events, reducing printing costs and helping create a much smoother transition between exhibitions.

Our products have also been used by artists to present some interesting forms of portraiture as a performance art.

Restaurants, Cafes & Bars

An example restaurant digital display

Digital signage is being used as a Digital Menu Board by Restaurant and Bar managers wishing to keep ahead of their competition in an increasingly competitive market.

A Digital Menu Board allows you to easily update content to account for changes you want to make to your menu for seasonal products, specials or promotional activities, without incurring very expensive printing costs.

The playlist editor becomes a very powerful tool for presenting different menu’s and promotions to targeted audiences at varying times of the day.

Displays Display's provide the opportunity to make additional revenue selling advertising for local business’s to your audience, while also presenting promotions and additional information on your own products.

Digital signage can help you to provide additional information about your menu, to promote the local source of ingredients and to provide nutritional information.

Sports & Social

Our LCD Screens are being used by a range of customers in this segment, from Golf to Football Clubs.

They welcome members and guests, directing them within the club and making them aware of future events. They will assist in increasing revenue by promoting the full range of facilities available at your club for conferences and weddings, or for in-house promotions for your restaurant and bar.

Tourist Information

A dynamic presentation of images and video is a really eye catching way to promote your local tourist attractions. Our Multi Media Dispenser can be fitted with a standard display screen or an interactive touch screen and is an ideal way for both promoting the attraction and presenting their leaflet information.

Public Sector

Local Government

The versatility of Digital Signage promotes their use for a variety of applications for District and Town Councils.

They are ideal for promoting local attractions and businesses for visitors to the area, and also to communicate initiatives to the local residents.

As digital presentations are simple to update they are an ideal way of presenting information in a consistent and professional manner.

Within Town Council buildings our products are being used for directional signage, sending delegates to the correct meeting rooms, and also presenting the weekly diary for meetings and events.


An example education digital display

Digital signage solutions provide schools and colleges with a modern and professional way to communicate with students, staff parents and visitors, to showcase their success and achievements and help motivation.

Digital Displays can be located at reception to welcome visitors and promote the schools facilities, resources and achievements.

As a digital notice board they are ideal for communicating the latest up to date information on lectures and events and for promoting out of school activities.

Digital signage is an ideal medium for displaying images and video of both the pupils and schools achievements with a highly motivational effect.

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